My Love Affair With My Mother…

I have an affair with my mother and I enjoy it. It is an affair that even my father knows but is very tolerant. Even my brother and sister is aware of it but they have no problem with that…

mother My love affair with my mother began just a few years ago when I graduated from college…

I love my mother and she loves me back. I love her as a son/ daughter should and she loves me back as a mother would.

Prior to our love affair I was at first a black sheep. You know what a black sheep is, right? I was one, and the hell, I liked every bit of it! It gave me some sort of power over anyone, and most of all, I was powerful over my mother. She will always cry when she hear some news about me getting into trouble somewhere else. In a way an exert power over them especially when I need something. I would just ask them about my wants and off they buy it for fear that I would make trouble…

I could not contain my grief when one day, she called me on the phone while I was away from home. She has was diagnosed to have a heart disease, an incurable one.

Images of the past filled my mind. I could vividly recall how I would hurt my mother and make her cry and I asked forgiveness from her for the many actions I’ve committed. As a mother would, she embraced me… tightly as if she was not letting go.

I was amazed at how she can forgive so easily despite my years of neglect and trouble-making. It was a heaven experience I would not trade for anything else.

Thus began our love affair. Now, when I come home every vacation, I make it a point to talk to her always… Now I see my mother in a different light. I love her. And I love every minute of it.

Certainly my mother will pass away very soon but I thank God that He gave me the opportunity to mend bridges before everything comes too late… Thank God.

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About lifequests

Just a seminarian considering the priesthood and who wants to broaden his outlook in life. Has worked outside for two years after his graduation and after which, felt that he was called again to live a life of service to God and the Church.

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  1. Dropping from great blog you have :) Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks… I still have to work a lot to improve this blog. I’m just restrained by academic demands. Please continue to drop by. I try my best to post content every month.

    • Hi The Girl,
      THanks for dropping by. This is my first blog. I’m still experimenting my self-hosted blog which will be far different from lifequests blog. Hope to journey with you in our blogging journey.

  2. helenahildur

    I share your experience, though in a very different setting… imagine, it took me more than fifty years to come to this experience, which is nothing less than a redemption. I’m very happy for your and your mother’s sake, and equally for my own. Take care, and all the best to you!

    • Thanks Helena. I’ve written this because I think there are many who share the same experience although in varied ways. I’m after the ultimate bottom line which I never mentioned: to love those closest to us while still alive.

  3. Cheers to you and your Mother for caring enough to mend the fences and love each other. Bravo!

  4. Hi Lifequests
    As you enter your love affair with your mum, I ache because i’ve had to leave my mum behind, not cos I am angy,hurt or being difficult…she’s a physical person and I had to get away from that. I’m not a punchbag…even at my age! However, if it stopped with her i’d have her back in my life in a shot. Mum’s are precious…if only some knew that.
    I’d be interested in hearing that things are still wonderful for you and your mum and that her health is at least steady if not improved.

    • hi Debs,
      Each of us has unique experiences with our loved ones. Some are hard, others quite uncomplicated, still others are heartbreaking. But whatever ticket in the raffle we get, it’s certainly up to us to reflect, respond and adjust to life’s challenges if necessary.
      Putting it in a non-judgmental context, I admire you for what you have done. Mums are precious as what you’ve said and they deserve to be loved, and your decision to leave, as far as I’m concerned is still an act of love: tough love, which many of us would fearfully give because at the bottomline, many of us are still enablers. =c

  5. Hi lifequests,

    I also share similar relation with my mother. I took 3 years to become so inimate to my mother that no there are no bars. Now I pour my love straight from my heart to my sweet mother to take her all pains. a motherly warm hug can just make my day.

    • Thanks Maxi. I also hug her everytime I visit home. You become vulnerable in the presence of your mother not only because you allow it but because of love’s driving force. We come to accept each other ddespite our limitations and weaknesses. Take care.

  6. Hey
    Just wanna nudge you into writing another post! ;)

    I agree with your response to mine up the top there…..tough love….its hard whether we have to give it or receive it. Things havent changed with my mum and from what comes back to me its not likely to but thats ok, shes happy in her world and i’m happy in mine.


  7. Hiya
    Well there’s no shortage of subjects then eh? ;) LOL
    Hope all is well in your world. :)


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  10. Life revolves around a Woman. The woman here just happened to be our Mother………

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